The club will reopen on Monday 12th April 2021. Please read the articles below for more details

Squash Players before game


5th April 2021

The club has been given the go ahead to reopen on Monday 12th April in limited capacity. We have recently sent guidance out via email please click the link below in order to view this guidance. You will also find the updated players agreement below.

Squash Hall


13th March 2021

We are pleased to announce that over the last year we have made a significant investment in the club facilities. Having only recently upgraded our changing rooms before the COVID 19 pandemic we now feel the club is in a much better state of repair.

New Carpet

We were able to acquire a vast quantity of new carpet tiles at a discount rate and so last summer we arranged for these to be installed. We are very happy with the results and once we are able to open the balcony up again we hope you will be able to notice the difference.

Court 3 Floor Replacement

Due to rain damage we were forced to replace the court 3 floor, while also installing a trench in the car park to prevent any further flooding. The supplier also identified some small adjustments to the floors on court 1 and 2.

Squash Equipment


5th April, 2021

Now that we are moving out of the Covid-19 lockdown your Club Committee, with guidance from England Squash and the Government, has given thought to the best practices that we would like all members to adopt for the foreseeable future. This will ensure that we continue to provide an environment where we reduce the risks of spreading the Coronavirus .


As every member will appreciate, we all play only because we want to and at our own risk. In these difficult times however, and in order to minimise the risks for all members, we would ask everyone to accept that by playing at the club at the current time you are agreeing to adhere to the following. If you don’t feel able to accept these protocols, then please don’t play! Also if you are concerned about playing, then please don’t play. However, if you are shielding or are considered to be in the vulnerable category, contact your committee to discuss playing during the day at specially selected times.


As everyone will know, the way the Club operates it is not possible to “police” compliance, but with goodwill, cooperation and common sense we can hopefully all begin to enjoy our sport again as safely as possible. The committee will not hesitate to take action if members do not adhere to the players’ agreement.


Court 3.JPG


13th March 2021

As you will see we have invested a reasonable amount of time in updating the club website with the intention to introduce a more functional email system in due course. We hope you like the updates we have made but would love to hear what you think. 

We are also open to suggestion if you have an idea that would help improve the website or any other aspect of the club.

We are hoping the introduction of the new email system will improve reliability and enable better communication.